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AboutBombay on the Lake

Bombay on the Lake brings authentic North Indian cuisine straight from the seashores of Bombay to the grand Lakeshore of Toronto. Bombay on the Lake will introduce your taste buds to the most tantalizing cuisine that is prepared with the freshest of ingredients which are blended with herbs and exotic spices. This restaurant is a welcoming one that includes a capacity seating for 50 Seats, includes LLBO, and a small party room for family gatherings. This family owned business brings the highest quality authentic Indian food to you and brings the world renowned Indian hospitality to Etobicoke.


Bombay On The Lake is a small family business owned by Shilpa Chauhan. We have owned this restaurant since 2007 and for the past 10 years have been making our best effort to always provide prime service. We are passionate about bringing the taste of India, and our culture into a multicultural setting in Toronto, which leads our customers to the depths and beauties of India. All our dishes are of the highest quality and value, are healthy, and are nutritious. Our service by the friendliest staff make an effort to get to know our customers on a respective level. We pride our services on building relationships with people in the community. Our concept of introducing new dishes regularly always keeps the customers taste buds fresh and exciting. The art of eating in combination with the impeccable hospitality, we use Bombay On The Lake to improve the raving taste buds of people in our Etobicoke community.

  • Bright, Clean, Colorful, Service is Amazing.Food is awesome authentic Indian cuisine.Food is fresh,great selections for Vegetarians & meat eaters alike.
    Mark Anthony
  • It has vibrant colors, a cute more private section of the restaurant,candle light,Wonderful smile and some of the best garlic naan you have ever had
  • Excellent Food, Pleasant ambiance,excellent service and fair prices.
  • The food and the service is Excellent!Has become my favorite place to eat and dine on the Lake shore.
  • Amongst the mediocre establishment on the lake shore,Bombay on the lake is really shines through.Excellent customer service and consisent,delicious food.The business has reaslnable price and owners go out of their way to develop a relationship with customers.
  • An upscale atmosphere with a good personal service,excellent food and great location.
  • Great Food!Great Service!Wonderful Owner!A real Gem of the Lake shore!
  • Best Indian food on the Lake shore.Best naan bread in Toronto.Warm, personal, friendly service.Beautiful presentation.It is a true hidden gem!
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    Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee
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    Jane Bennett
    Jane Bennett
  • I was looking for a great place to eat Indian food,i found it at Bombay on the lake.The food is excellent,Management is very Professional and go out of their way to ensure that every meal is first class.It is a real friendly place to take friends & family for a great meal.
    Jane Bennett
    Jane Bennett
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    Christina Hardy
    Christina Hardy
  • Service was fast & friendly,variety of choices.Food is equisite & tasty.seating is peaceful & well kept as well as clean.It is an absolute joy dinning in the restaurant and it is definately a place to be recommended.
    Christina Hardy
    Christina Hardy

Starting March 6 2018 we are introducing a lunch BUFFET for only $15!
Tuesday-Friday from 11:30 am-2:30 pm.
Stay tuned!