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Indian Herbs & Spice

Many of us are familiar with India’s cuisine and love the herbs & spices used to flavour the food.

ANISEED is highly aromatic and has a sweetish scent and flavour. It is a medicinal plant that is used for curing colds, cough, sleeplessness, piles and stomach ache.

BASIL is revered as a sacred herb in India. There are many varieties, but the most common is bush basil.

BAY LEAF is mainly used in pulao and a few curries.

CARDAMONS These are dried aromatic pods of plants containing small seeds, which have a pleasant aroma, regarded as a cardio tonic and expectorant.

CINNAMON is the dried bark of the cinnamon tree. It is a tonic as well as an antiseptic & also helps to lower high blood pressure & is moderately pungent and sweet in taste.

CLOVES A powerful antiseptic and is used as an aromatic culinary spice. Indians valued cloves highly as a breath-freshener as well as a painkiller for toothache.

TUMERIC is the root of a plant, which is boiled, dried and powdered. It adds colour and flavour to the curries. This spice reduces fat, purifies and helps circulate blood & is an effective antiseptic.

MACE It is the aril or inner coating of the nutmeg. It is scarlet in colour and its flavour resembles that of nutmeg. Its flakes are crushed and added to the masala powder.

NUTMEG The dried seed of an aromatic tree, It has a very strong flavour and is added with caution to curry powders.

CUMIN It is the seed of an annual herb. It is used whole or in powder form in most of the cooking.

FENNEL An aromatic seed that is mainly used in curries.

FENUGREEK Its seeds have a pleasantly bitter taste and are copiously used as an ingredient in pickle masalas. Its green leaves are rich in iron, calcium and sulphur, and are extensively used in Indian cooking.

GARAM MASALA Certain spices blended, powdered and used for 'piping up' the curries. Added either after the curries are done or during the cooking process.

SAFFRON An expensive and exotic pistil of a flower .This spice has a great reputation as a stimulant: it is very rejuvenating and is considered to be an aphrodisiac.

TAMARIND Is a very good palate-enhancer, and is excellent for digestion.

GARLIC Valued for its flavour and ability to combine with other ingredients, this is regarded as a very good immune booster, and a powerful antibiotic as well as an aid to digestion.

GINGER A sovereign root to ward off colds and flu, and is effective against pain. Good for blood circulation and helps relieve any joint aches; also relieves sore throats and head colds, not to mention its aphrodisiac properties.

YOGURT It has been used in food and as a meat tenderiser. It helps lower cholesterol, prevents common digestive tract ailments, reduces hypertension and enhances the immune system.

We prepare all our food in 100% cholesterol free and zero trans fat oil.

*Please inform us if you have any food allergies.

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